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Emergency Department Doctors - Essential Documents and Links

Dear ED Doctors,

Kindly read through in detail the following Essential Documents and Links. They will provide the basic guidelines and resources to aid you in your work in the Emergency Department. New documents will be added from time to time [with the latest documents listed first]

This documents discusses the insertion of the Laryngeal Mask Airway as well as all other techniques associated with the management of the difficult or failed airway.
Complete protocol for Rapid Sequence Intubation in Adults. To be read together with previous document on Endotracheal Intubation [see below].
Procedure list for the most commonly performed emergency surgical airway. Note that the cricothyroidotomy set should be part of every difficult airway trolley in every ED.
This documents discusses the indications, methodology and techniques of chest tube insertion. Please note that chest tube insertion is an essential core skill for all doctors working in the ED.
This documents guides the use, dosages and dilution methods of the most common emergency drugs found in the Emergency Drugs Trolley. To be placed at all Emergency Drugs and Resuscitation Trolleys.
This is a revision of existing asthma protocols. Using time targets (eg every patient should get only two nebulizers within the first 60 minutes or every paediatric patient should have an admission / discharge decision by 60 minutes), this simplified standard protocol will ensure ease of administration and reduce the likelihood of mistakes occurring. ONLY to be used for patients in the asthma bay. Life-threatening asthma is managed with a different protocol. COAD management is also different.
This is a guide document for setting ventilators in the Emergency Dept. It is based on the Univent "Eagle" ventilator used in the Resuscitation Zone of the ED, HPP; but a similar strategy can be used for all ventilators. Also included are the ventilation strategies for difficult situations.
This is a guide for the management of all STEMI patients presenting to the Emergency Department, the workflow processes, standards and some information to assist doctors make a better decision in the right time.
This is a guide for the use of antibiotics for patients discharged from the Emergency Department, their doses and the recommended prescribed duration.
This is a guide document for endotracheal intubation of emergency patients in the ED; including discussions pertinent to the unique situation and limitations faced by all departments in HPP. This document really needs to be read; and re-read; and discussed. The continued discussion of this issue will bring maturity into the whole issue, leading to the best outcome for all.
This is a list of many of the common clinical conditions that are managed by the ED; with a suggested management guideline and investigation orders list. It is meant as a guide to doctors in assisting them manage the patient better in the initial hour of ED management. Please feel free to contact the more senior ED doctors or the Emergency Physician if any difficulties arise or you have any queries.

  • Medications Guide-list for ED doctors [to be released Mac 2009]
This is the list of most of the commonly used drugs available for prescription by ED doctors for patients being treated in the ED or to be discharged from the ED. It is meant as a guide for doctors in assisting them manage the patient better in the initial hour of ED management. Please feel free to contact the more senior ED doctors or the pharmacists on call or the Emergency Physician if any difficulties arise or you have any queries.

Maklumat "Standing Orders" untuk Staf Jabatan Kecemasan HPP

Untuk maklumat semua PPP / JT Jabatan Kecemasan HPP, dokumen berikut mengandungi senarai tugasan and tanggungjawab setiap PPP / JT yang bekerja di Jabatan Kecemasan HPP. Senarai ini bertujuan menyenaraikan tugasan and sasaran kerja setiap petugas Jabatan, serta menyenaraikan "standing orders" yang seharusnya dilakukan tanpa arahan khas daripada pegawai atasan.

Pencapaian seseorang PPP / JT pada penghujung tahun akan diambil kira menggunakan dokumen ini sebagai asas kepada penilaian pencapaian seseorang individu.

Saya berharap bahawa setiap PPP / JT akan mengambil initiatif untuk meneliti dokumen-dokumen ini serta mendalami kandungan dan objektif yang dipaparkan.

Dari masa ke semasa, dokumen-dokumen baru akan dipaparkan dan semua petugas akan diberi notis yang sepatutnya.

Senarai dokumen [yang terkini dipaparkan dulu]

  1. Standing Orders PPP Jab Kecemasan dan Trauma
  2. Standing Orders JT Jab Kecemasan dan Trauma

Emergency Department Resource Documents for House Officers and Doctors on Postings

These documents are in .pdf format. You will need an Adobe Reader to view these documents.

Click (or right-click) the link to access the documents.
  1. Introduction to Emergency Medicine
  2. Administrative Matters
  3. Your Training Program
  4. The Emergency Dept Academic Programme
  5. The ED House Officer's Job Description
  6. Understanding the Emergency Patient
  7. Understanding yourself in the Emergency Environment
  8. Emergency Procedures - Competencies for House Officers
  9. Good Habits of the Emergency Doctor
  10. STOP Policy - Investigations Guide
  11. Before you leave the ED - Checklist for Doctors
  12. Calling for Help - MET Activation Criteria
  13. Special procedures privileging process
  14. Standing orders for Medical Students

All new doctors working in the Emergency Department HPP are required to read through all the documents prior to starting their posting. Please email me at ahteo@hotmail.com if you have any queries related to this document.

Many thanks to friends in DEM-SGH and ED Frankston Hosp for helping us with the wheel .....

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Emergency Department House Officer Roster

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